Marketing, media and communications support for members

Family Day Care Branding

A ‘brand’ is too often confused with a logo, but a brand is much more than a logo. The best way to think about a brand is to think of it as the ‘personality’ of an organisation. One of the key aspects of having a successful brand is applying it consistently across all aspects of an organisation.

The capacity for the exposure and profile of family day care brand across Australia is enormous. Just think, McDonald’s have about 970 ‘service delivery locations’ (restaurants) across Australia ... we have over 15,000 ‘service delivery locations’ (educators) ... this is one of our greatest competitive advantages! Imagine the possibilities if we could truly unite our voice and unite our ‘look’. Imagine our profile once we fully achieve a highly visible, highly recognisable consistent national brand.

To assist in building a nationally recognisable 'brand', Family Day Care Australia has developed a range of marketing materials that are free to download for members. These materials can be accessed through the Marketing Resources Hub, with materials able to be customised for your own service or family day care.

Media and communications support

Family Day Care Australia is always looking to promote the fantastic work done by our members and the family day care sector. So if you have a positive family day care story or you’re holding an event or activity that you would like Family Day Care Australia to actively promote please take advantage of our media assistance program.

Simply click here and tell us about your story, event or activity, and we will assist you in generating free publicity for your family day care.