FDCA Professional Learning Portal

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The Family Day Care Australia (FDCA) Professional Learning Portal delivers on FDCA's ongoing commitment to supporting our members in their work; delivering quality outcomes for children in family day care.

The FDCA Professional Learning Portal, for the first time, provides FDCA members with exclusive members-only access to free and interactive online professional learning resources.

We understand that, for family day care services and educators, access to high quality professional learning resources that are tailored for family day care can be difficult and expensive to access.

We also recognise that in our ever-changing sector, it's critical that services and educators have timely access to high quality professional learning.

This is why we have developed the FDCA Professional Learning Portal.

The FDCA Professional Learning Portal gives services and educators access to self-guided, self-paced tools and resources that can be delivered how and when it suits; saving time, money, administration and fuss in the day-to-day operations of a family day care business.

The first learning resources available to all FDCA members are:

Click here to access the FDCA Professional Learning Portal

Introducing the Compliance Assessment Tool for services

In recent years the family day care sector has seen the introduction of more robust regulatory and compliance mechanisms, which has led to increased administrative burden. Therefore it is more important than ever that services are vigilant in their compliance and risk management strategies.

It is with this in mind that FDCA has partnered with Deloitte to create the very first online Compliance Assessment Tool dedicated for family day care services that is exclusively available, for free, to FDCA service members.

The Compliance Assessment Tool has been developed to support services in assessing their compliance against the Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Job for Families Package) Act 2017 (the "Act").

To access the Compliance Assessment Tool, click here.

Introducing the Child Safe, Child Friendly critical reflection resource for educators

The first guided critical reflection resource that is available to educators is the Child Safe, Child Friendly resource.

Developed in consultation with DelRoy Consulting, which is led by former ACT Children and Young People Commissioner, Alasdair Roy OAM and Samantha Dellamarta, the Child Safe, Child Friendly resource is an interactive professional learning and critical reflection resource specifically designed for family day care educators and provides information and tools to assist educators keep children safe.

The resource consists of three key components:

Educator Self Assessment: Child’s Perspective tool

Child Safe, Child Friendly framework and accompanying Professional Learning Practice Guides

Educator Self Assessment: Confidence and Competence tool

The resource is an all-encompassing guide to keeping children safe that includes examples of best practice, scenarios, and self-reflection questions. It will give educators the opportunity to reflect on how well they know the children in their care and self-assess their own levels of competence in relation to the many different aspects of child safety they must consider in their day to day work.

Click here to access the Child Safe, Child Friendly critical reflection resource.

The FDCA Professional Learning Portal is exclusively available to FDCA members and best of all access is free as part of your FDCA membership! This means that you will need to be logged into the website in order to use it. If you haven't yet created your FDCA account please click here for instructions on how to create your account. Please note you will need to use the email address that you have registered with FDCA when creating your account.