Perspectives on Quality in Australian Family Day Care

Derived from the ‘Perspectives on quality in Australian Family Day Care’ Report (developed for FDCA by the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales), the Perspectives on Quality in Australian Family Day Care is a resource that demonstrates and expands upon each of the five quality areas outlined in the report and reflect Family Day Care Australia’s (FDCA) commitment to fostering excellence in family day care. They have been developed with input from several family day care educators and coordination units and include their examples and reflections on the five quality areas.

The resource is made up of:Perspectives on Quality in Australian Family Day Care

Five videos containing interviews with educators, members of coordination units and parents on the following family day care quality areas:

  • Professional practice
  • Relationships
  • Flexibility
  • Autonomy
  • Diversity and social support

Five guided reflection modules are also included with the resource to work through after watching each associated video.

The resource has also been translated into the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Farsi
  • Somali

Why was the resource created?

The purpose of the videos and guided reflection modules is to support FDCA members to:

  • reflect on their work;
  • gain an understanding of what is needed for and meant by quality in family day care;
  • give some new ideas to enrich their practice; and,
  • help members think about what they are doing well and critically reflect on their own practice to ensure you can deliver the best outcomes for children and families in their service.

How to use the resource

The videos and guided reflection worksheets are paired but each pair stands alone. You can work through all five in any order you wish or simply do the individual ones that suit your needs. The resources can be used formally or informally by individuals or groups. Examples of this may include; for personal reflection, during team meetings, reflective practice sessions, in-house professional development sessions, and/or to inform the development of Quality Improvement Plans.

To access videos and reflection modules, click on one of the topics below. To access this content you will need to be logged into your FDCA account. If you haven't created an FDCA account, educators can click here to create an account, services can click here.

Module 1 - Professional practice in family day care - English | Arabic | Farsi | Somali

Module 2 - Relationships in family day care - English | Arabic| Farsi | Somali

Module 3 - Flexibility in family day care - English | Arabic | Farsi | Somali

Module 4 - Autonomy in family day care - English | Arabic | Farsi | Somali

Module 5 - Diversity and social support in family day care - English | Arabic | Farsi | Somali

To preview the resource please view the video below.

FDCA would like to thank all the educators, coordination unit staff, children and families involved for their time and for allowing us into your services and lives, which was essential in the development of this resource. FDCA would also like to thank the team at Early Childhood Australia for assisting in the production phase of the resource.