Visions for Quality: Reflecting on Practice

Visions for Quality: Reflecting on Practice is a resource that consists of 12 units which focuses on family day care educators’ work and how that work supports children’s learning. The overall aim is to promote good quality education and care services in family day care and in the sector as a whole, and to support services to comply with the National Quality Framework.

The Visions for Quality resource samples some – but not all - of the major components of good practice. Each topic is covered in a short video and is accompanied by a resource sheet which can be used as a means of reflection for educators and services. The videos and resource sheets are available online for all members, while services who are members of Family Day Care Australia have also been supplied with a hard copy of the resource free of charge.

A resource guide also accompanies the resource sheets. This can be used by both educators and services to guide their use of the resource.

The topics covered are:

Series 1

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Play and Learning Opportunities
1.3 Families as Partners

Series 2

2.1 Arrivals, Separations and Reunions
2.2 Interactions and Relationships Between Children
2.3 Materials and Equipment that Support Learning

Series 3

3.1 Supporting Learning Through Relationships
3.2 Routines, Rituals and Traditions
3.3 Learning Environments

Series 4

4.1 Special and Everyday Outings
4.2 Meal and Snack Times
4.3 Being and Becoming a Professional Educator

To access videos and worksheets, click on one of the topics above. To access this content you will need to be logged into your FDCA account.

This project was funded by Family Day Care Australia and managed by Community Child Care Victoria with Anne Stonehouse as the project leader. Anne was a member of the team that wrote the national Early Years Learning Framework and has been involved with family day care for many years, through writing and developing resources and delivering professional development.